Horizon Cloud uses notifications to inform you of certain types of system activity, such as events and service registrations.

You can view recent notifications in the Administration Console by clicking the bell icon located in the upper right corner of any page (Notification bell icon) Open the Notifications page to view all notifications, which includes both active and dismissed notifications, by clicking Monitor > Notifications.

You can also show the notifications for different periods of time up to 30 days, refresh the page, and filter your search.

Table 1. Notification Types

Notification Type


File Share Import

A file share import notification informs you that the file share import process either failed or succeeded. The file import process pulls application data from a shared file store into your environment.

Service Registration

Service registration notifications are issued during the configuration of your environment. The system issues this type of notification when one of its packaged services is registered successfully.

Node related

Node-related notifications are issued when the system detects a change in status of the deployed node in Microsoft Azure.