This guide explains how to use VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ to create, deploy, and administer desktops and applications used by your end users.

The service offers more than one deployment model. This document talks specifically about the Microsoft Azure deployment model. To find out more about the various Horizon Cloud deployment models, see

The information in this document describes how to use the Horizon Cloud capabilities after you have completed the tasks of deploying and configuring at least one node. To learn about the node deployment and configuration tasks, see Getting Started with VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure.

Intended Audience

This document is intended for experienced IT system administrators who are familiar with virtual machine technology and datacenter operations.

Depending on your organization's needs and the capacity type, you might find it helpful to be familiar with these software products, software components, and their features:

  • VMware Unified Access Gateway™

  • VMware Identity Manager™

  • VMware Workspace™ ONE™

  • VMware Horizon® Client™

  • VMware Horizon® HTML Access™

  • Microsoft Azure and its Marketplace

  • VMware User Environment Manager™

VMware Information Experience Glossary

VMware Information Experience provides a glossary of terms that might be unfamiliar to you. For definitions of terms as they are used in VMware technical documentation, go to

Contacting VMware Support

Contact VMware Support when you need help with your Horizon Cloud environment.

  • You can submit a support request to VMware Support online using your My VMware® account or by phone.

  • KB 2144012 Customer Support Guidelines provides details for getting support depending on the issue encountered.

  • After you have configured your Horizon Cloud node, you can submit a support request by logging in to the Administration Console and clicking Green circle help icon in Administration Console > Support.