This page is available from the Monitor icon and displays information about your overall environment, across all of your Horizon Cloud nodes.

The system refreshes the information every few minutes and displays a message indicating the amount of time remaining until the next refresh. You can also refresh the page manually.


These reports do not reflect user-related data until an hour has passed from the time you deployed your Horizon Cloud node into Microsoft Azure or from the time you enabled monitoring user session information.




The health status of your nodes. The health warning information reports on how close you are to reaching the limits of your subscription quotas for VM cores, sizes, and similar limits.


The allocated capacity. To drill-down to detailed information, roll over the graphic and click More.


Utilization of allocated RDS desktops and remote applications. To drill-down to the Utilization report, roll over the graphic and click More.


Desktop, application, and peak activity. Click on the labels to filter the displayed information.

Location use by users

Reflects the usage according to your named locations.