Horizon Cloud monitors your nodes' usage of your subscription's limits. The Microsoft Azure limits are also known as quotas. The Dashboard page displays health warning information when the usage gets close to reaching the maximum limits on your subscription. You can examine the current usage for a given subscription.

About this task

When you register with Microsoft Azure for a subscription, you sign up for a particular amount of capacity in terms of Microsoft Azure limits. Types of these limits are things like VMs per subscription and cores per subscription. Each of your nodes uses quota from the node's associated subscription's Microsoft Azure limits.


  1. In the Administration Console, navigate to Settings > Capacity, and click Type.
  2. Expand any collapsed sections until you see the name of the subscription that you want to examine.
  3. Next to the name of the subscription, locate a horizontal bar and a percentage of limits.

    Limits line reflecting the subscription's usage of your quota

  4. Click on the horizontal bar to see the subscription's usage of various Microsoft Azure limits.

    Node subscription's limits window

    For example, if you see a subscription is nearing close to the maximum number of cores, you might increase the number of cores allotted for that subscription in Microsoft Azure.