The Imported VMs page in the Administration Console lists the virtual machines (VMs) that have been imported into your Horizon Cloud environment.

You can perform the following actions on a listed VM by selecting the check box next to the VM and clicking the respective action.




Even though you see the Rename action in the page, this action is not used for VMs imported from a Microsoft Azure environment.

VM power and guest operating system actions

For a VM in Microsoft Azure, the available actions are Power On, Power Off, and Restart.


Delete the selected VM.

Migrate to Utility VMs

Move the VM to the Utility VMs page. See Utility VMs Page

Convert to Image

Convert the selected VM to an image that Horizon Cloud can use for farms. See Convert a Configured Master Virtual Machine to an Assignable Image.


Make sure the VM has all of the applications and drivers you want installed on it before converting it.