To turn a configured master virtual machine (VM) into an assignable desktop image, use the Image page's New Image workflow. A desktop image must display the Published status on the Images page before the system can use it for assignments.


Verify that a configured master VM is available in the Horizon Cloud node in which you want to create the assignable image.

Verify that the Imported VMs page indicates that the master VM is powered on (green status) and its DaaS agent status is active.

Verify you have the credentials (user name and password) for the local administrator account that was specified in the Import Image wizard when this master image VM was created. You need those credentials to log in to the VM's guest Windows Server operating system. See Create a Master Virtual Machine Automatically from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


  1. In the Administration Console, click Inventory > Images and then click New.
  2. Enter the required information.




    Select the location associated with the node where you have the configured master VM.


    Select the node.


    This field lists the VMs located on the selected node that the system can convert to an assignable image. Select the one you want.

    After you make a selection, information about the selected VM is displayed.

    Image Name

    This field is auto-populated with the image name associated with the Desktop selection.

    Company Name

    Type an identifying name.


    Retain the default.

    Admin credentials for the desktop

    Enter the credentials for the local administrator account that is enabled in the master VM.


    These credentials are the user name and password that were entered in the wizard when the master VM was created on the Imported VMs page.

  3. Click Publish.

    The publishing process takes several minutes to complete. The page displays the In Transition status during this process. You can use the refresh icon to see the latest status.


If the process is successful, the image's status changes to Published.


When the master image VM in Published status, it is considered sealed in Horizon Cloud. Sealed images are those VMs that the system can use in farms for delivering RDS session desktops and remote applications.

If you find you need to change something in a sealed VM's guest Windows operating system, you use the workflow to convert the published image back into an unsealed desktop image VM using the Convert to Desktop menu action. Converting a published image back into an unsealed desktop image VM results in the Administration Console removing it from the Images page and displaying it on the Imported VMs page. Then you work with that VM from the Imported VMs page.

Images in Published status are not listed on the Imported VMs page. They are removed from the Imported VMs page when they reach Published state. At that point, those sealed VMs are available on the Images page.

If the publish operation fails, select Monitor > Activity and locate the failed job. Correct the problem, then retry the publish operation by selecting the check box next to the image, clicking ... > Convert to Desktop. Then click New, enter the required information, and click Publish to publish the image.