The menu icons provide a quick way to navigate to monitor activity and perform various functions in your Horizon Cloud environment. The icons are located along the left side of the Administration Console.

Table 1. Administrator Functions




Icon to get to the main dashboard screen


Displays the Getting Started wizard. See About the Horizon Cloud Getting Started Wizard.

Monitor menu icon


Provides access to:

  • Dashboard that depicts information about your overall environment: issue status, capacity and utilization levels, end user activity, and more

  • Activity reports and audit logs

  • Various detailed reports related to end users' desktop and application sessions.

  • Notifications

Assign menu icon


Opens the Assignments screen from which you can work with assignments that entitle end-user access to assignable items in your environment's inventory.

Inventory menu icon


For nodes in Microsoft Azure environments, provides access to:

  • Work with the RDSH farms, assignable RDSH images, and their assignable applications.

  • Work with the base RDSH server images and other virtual machines (if any) that the system imported from your in-cloud node.

Settings menu icon


Provides access to screens from which you can work with system-wide settings and configurations for various system areas such as:

  • Active Directory domains

  • Roles and permissions

  • Capacity-related aspects of your environment

  • Utility VMs

  • Identity management using VMware Identity Manager

  • Infrastructure-related features


    In this release, infrastructure-related features are not supported for nodes in Microsoft Azure

  • Getting Started wizard