The Activity page shows data regarding current and past events in the system.

The Activity page is available from the Monitor icon. You can perform these tasks.

  • Use the Show filter to display events for only a certain period of time.

  • Use the Node filter to display events for a specific node.

  • View the total number of events.

  • Use the Filter box to filter events.

  • Refresh the list.

  • Download information in the list in .xlsx format with the Export feature.

The Activity page contains tabs for administrator events, user events, and audit logs for events initiated on your nodes.

Administrator Events

The Admins tab displays information about administrator events. Expand an event to view details and subtasks for that event.




Details regarding the event.

% Completion

Current percentage of event completed.


Successful indicates an event was performed in its entirety. Failed indicates an event was either partially performed or not performed at all.


Time that the event was logged.

User Events

The Users tab displays descriptions and times logged for end-user events.

Audit Logs

The Audit Logs tab displays descriptions, status, and times logged for events that have occurred from administrator-initiated actions on your nodes.