In the first-time configuration for a Horizon Cloud node, you use the choices in the General Setup section for the initial configuration of various node-wide settings, such as registering an Active Directory domain. After the first-time configuration, you can use the choices in the General Setup section to open the console pages in which you can edit the configurations.



My VMware Accounts

Give access for other people to log in to the Administration Console and your Horizon Cloud environment using their own My VMware accounts. See Give Administrative Access to Administrators in Your Organization.

Active Directory

Register the initial Active Directory domain and add domain bind and domain join information. Domain registration of at least one Active Directory domain is required in order to give roles and permissions to Administration Console users or assign services to users. You must register an Active Directory domain and complete the domain join before you can perform other operations with the associated node or register additional Active Directory domains. For information about tasks related to Active Directory and your Horizon Cloud nodes, see:

Roles & Permissions

Assign roles to users who will be managing the environment. A role grants its associated permissions to the users given that role. See Assign Horizon Cloud Administrative Roles to Active Directory Groups.

User Session Information

Enable this feature to have the Horizon Cloud cloud monitoring capabilities collect historical information about your end users' sessions, such as times they logged in, session durations, and average session length per user. When you enable this feature, Horizon Cloud collects this information and maintains it for the duration of your use of Horizon Cloud. You can delete the collected data by disabling the feature.


The agents in the RDS image virtual machines (VMs) need outbound Internet access so they can send the data to Horizon Cloud. When you use the Import wizard to create your master image VM in Microsoft Azure, the VMs are configured with this outbound Internet access.

When this feature is disabled, Horizon Cloud collects this information for a limited period of time for real-time administration only. When the feature is disabled, the information is not saved for historical or aggregated viewing.

The information collected by this feature is used for the reports on the Reports page. See Reports Page.

For steps on how to enable or disable this feature, see Edit General Settings.