This Getting Started document for VMware Horizon Cloud Service™ on Microsoft Azure describes the process of deploying the necessary VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure software components into the Microsoft Azure environment. You connect your own Microsoft Azure subscription to use with VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ to manage and deliver virtual RDS-enabled Windows servers and remote applications.

For information about how to use the environment after you finish all the tasks outlined in this guide, see this product's Administration document.

Intended Audience

The information in this document is intended for experienced data center administrators with knowledge of Microsoft Azure, virtualization technology, and networking.

VMware Technical Publications Glossary

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Contacting VMware Support

Contact VMware Support when you need help with your Horizon Cloud environment.

  • You can submit a support request to VMware Support online using your My VMware® account or by phone.

  • KB 2144012 Customer Support Guidelines provides details for getting support depending on the issue encountered.

  • You can submit a support request by logging in to the Administration Console and clicking Green circle help icon in Administration Console > Support.