Before you log in to the Horizon Cloud Administration Console and run the node deployment wizard for the first time, you must perform these preparatory tasks.

  1. Fulfill the prerequisites described in the separate prerequisites checklist document, especially:

  2. Create a service principal and get your Microsoft Azure subscription ID, application ID, application authentication key, and Microsoft Azure AD Directory ID. These resources are used by Horizon Cloud to perform its operations on your Microsoft Azure environment. For detailed steps, see Create the Required Service Principal by Creating an Application Registration.


    Ensure the service principal has the Contributor role, and not the Owner role. The Microsoft Azure role-based access control (RBAC) provides the Contributor role to create and manage resources in your subscription. For details, see Built-in roles for Azure role-based access control in the Microsoft Azure documentation.

  3. If you want to have Internet-enabled desktops, so that users outside of your corporate network can access them, obtain the SSL server certificate that can allow your end users' clients to trust connections to the desktops. This certificate should match your FQDN that your end users will use in their clients and be signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

    To support desktops and applications that users can access from the Internet, Unified Access Gateway is deployed as part of the node deployment process. Unified Access Gateway presents your CA-signed certificate, so that the clients can trust the connections.

  4. Obtain a My VMware account and register for Horizon Cloud, if you are not already registered for it.

After you have completed those preparatory tasks, log in to the Horizon Cloud Administration Console at using your My VMware account. After logging in, you'll see the Add Cloud Capacity area on the screen and can click Add to start the node deployment wizard. Complete the wizard by entering the required information in each screen. For detailed steps, see Deploy a Node for VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure.