When your end users log in and launch their desktops, they can start running the applications and performing tasks such as accessing USB and other devices connected to their local computers, sending documents to any printers that the local computer can detect, and using multiple display monitors.

About this task

These steps describe using a VMware Horizon Client for the first time to launch a desktop provided by your Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment.



  1. Start the VMware Horizon Client.
  2. If you did not configure a certificate for your environment, accept the untrusted connection.
  3. Select the choices in the VMware Horizon Client for adding a new server.
  4. In the new server configuration, enter the name that was added to the DNS for the environment, for example, desktops.mycorp.com.
  5. Enter the credentials for your Active Directory user in the authentication dialog box.
  6. If two-factor authentication is configured, enter RSA or RADIUS credentials.
  7. Select the desktop that you want to launch from the displayed list.
  8. (Optional) For advanced configuration, right-click the desktop and make your selection.