After you configure the agents, you export the master virtual machine (VM) from where you were configuring it and copy it to the file share that is registered with your Horizon Cloud Node. You must export the master VM as an OVA file and copy that OVA file to the file share. The system picks up the OVA file and makes it available in the environment so that you can run the New Image workflow to create a desktop image.



  1. Export the master VM as an OVA file, saving the file to a location from which you can copy it to the file share.
  2. Copy the OVA file to the root directory of the file share.

    Subfolders on the file share are not supported.


The system polls the file share at regular intervals. When the system detects the added OVA, the system automatically deploys it to your environment and powers it on. The time it takes to deploy the OVA and power it on depends on the speed of the network between the file share and your Horizon Cloud Node and the size of the OVA file.

What to do next

Verify the VM is available for use in the New Image workflow by navigating to Inventory > Imported VMs and seeing that the VM is listed on that page.

Run the New Image workflow and create a desktop assignment using this master VM. See Convert a Desktop to an Image Using the New Image Workflow.