In the master virtual machine's Windows operating system, install and configure the respective VMware agents in a specific order before you configure the DaaS Agent.



  1. Install the Horizon Agent.
    1. Start the installer with the options appropriate for the environment in which you are building your master VM.



      If building the master VM in a vCenter Server environment

      Run the installer with viewagent-installer.exe.

      If building the master VM in non-vCenter Server environments

      Run the installer with viewagent-installer.exe /vVDM_SKIP_BROKER_REGISTRATION=1.

    2. Deselect the VMware Horizon View Composer Agent option.
    3. Select the VMware Horizon Instant Clone Agent option
    4. Deselect the VMware vRealize Operations Desktop Agent option.
    5. Reboot when prompted.
  2. Install the DaaS Agent.
  3. Run the App Volumes Unified Agent Installer and select the Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode check box in the installation screens.

What to do next

Configure the DaaS Agent by following the steps in Configure the DaaS Agent.

For improved security regarding the use of the Horizon Agent, configure your Active Directory server domain policy GPO (Group Policy Object) to disable weak ciphers in SSL and TLS protocols. For information about disabling weak ciphers when communicating using the SSL/TLS protocol, see the appropriate Horizon Agent information in the VMware Horizon 7 documentation set, such as Disable Weak Ciphers in SSL/TLS.