The menu icons provide a quick way to navigate to monitor activity and perform various functions in your Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment. The icons are located along the left side of the Administration Console.

Table 1. Administrator Functions




Icon to get to the main dashboard screen


Displays the Dashboard screen, where you can get a top-level view of the state of your envirionment.

Monitor menu icon


Provides access to dashboards for monitoring desktop information, administrator and user activity, user and desktop mapping, and notifications.

Assign menu icon


Opens the Assignments screen from which you can work with assignments for desktops, AppStacks, and user writable volumes.

Inventory menu icon


Work with the AppStacks and virtual machines (VMs) that were imported from the file share registered with the Horizon Cloud Node.

Work with desktop images.

Settings menu icon


Open screens from which you can work wtih system-wide settings and configurations for:

  • Active Directory domains

  • Roles and permissions

  • Utility VMs

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Locations

  • Storage management

  • Infrastructure

  • Getting Started wizard