You must perform several additional tasks to complete configuring the master virtual machine (VM) so that it can be used in the Horizon Cloud environment's New Image workflow.

About this task

You perform some of these steps in the VM's Windows guest operating system and others in the VMware software product in which you can configure the VM settings, such as the vSphere Web Client, Fusion Pro, or Workstation Pro.

For more information about the KMS Client Setup Keys, see


Avoid joining the master VM to a domain. If the master VM is joined to a domain, unexpected results can occur when the system's VMware Instant Clone technology uses the domain-joined master VM to create the end users' virtual desktops.


Complete all the steps outlined in Prepare for Building the Master Virtual Machine and verify you have access to perform these steps on the VM you created.


  1. In the master VM's Windows guest operating system, enable the administrator account.
    1. Open an elevated command prompt.
    2. Enter net user administrator /active:yes.
    3. Select Control Panel > User Accounts and set the administrator password.
  2. Install VMware Tools in the VM.
    1. Access the VM in the VMware product you used to create it, such as vCenter Server, Fusion Pro, or Workstation Pro.
    2. Select the VM and use the menu options to select Install/Upgrade VMware Tools.
    3. Click OK.
    4. In the VM's Windows guest operating system, open an elevated command prompt.
    5. Change directory to the CDROM drive.
    6. When the VMware Tools installation finishes, restart the virtual machine for the changes to take effect.
  3. In the Windows guest operating system's Control Panel, configure the network settings.




    Name of network

    DNS Servers

    IP addresses of your DNS servers


    Disable (deselect check box)

  4. In the virtual machine settings, set the adapter type to VMXNET 3 for the VM.
  5. If your guest operating system is Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, install the network adapter hotfix for VMXNET 3 from
  6. In the Windows guest operating system, install the required Windows updates as appropriate for your organization's needs.
  7. Set up KMS for the Windows guest operating system.

    Do not activate Windows on this master VM. The VMware Horizon Instant Clone Agent activates Windows for the clones during the agent's customization process.

    1. In the Windows guest operating system, open an elevated command prompt and enter slmgr /ipk 25-digit_license_key to set up the Client Setup Key.
    2. Enter slmgr /skms kms_server_IP_or_host_name:port to specify your KMS server.

      Do not activate Windows in the VM.

    3. Enter slmgr /dlv to verify setup and KMS server details.

What to do next

Perform the steps in Optimize guest OS performance and Optimize Windows for Instant Clone Virtual Machines, then install and configure the agents.