Update the HA cluster admission criteria to maintain the current level of cluster-node redundancy.

About this task

The method for determining HA admission criteria is identical to the method previously provided. The method requires that the hardware used across the hosts in the cluster is identical.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, under Clusters, select VRN-CLUSTER > Settings.
  2. Expand the Admission Control section.
  3. Select Define failover capacity by reserving a percentage of the cluster resources.
  4. Determine and apply HA admission criteria.
  5. To determine the percentage of cluster resources to reserve to provide single-redundancy in a cluster of N identical hosts, calculate (1/N)*100, where N is the number of hosts.

    For a four-node cluster, the percentage equals (1/4)*100, or 25 percent.

  6. Apply this value to Reserved failover CPU capacity and Reserved failover Memory capacity.
  7. Leave all other settings at defaults.
  8. Select OK to apply changes.