To update the agent-related software installed in the desktop VMs that are used by a dedicated VDI desktop assignment, first update the image the assignment is using, then update the assignment. Updating the image updates the unassigned desktops in the dedicated VDI assignment. This process is the same as it is for floating VDI desktop assignments. For a dedicated VDI desktop assignment, you then update the agent on the assigned desktops.


  1. If you have a large number of unassigned desktops in the assignment, update agent software for the image the assignment is using and edit the assignment to use the updated image, as described in Horizon Cloud Pods - Update Agent Software for Images Used by Dedicated VDI Desktop Assignments.
    This allows you to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming agent updates for unassigned desktops. It is possible to update all desktops using the second step below, but it is unnecessary to use that process for unassigned desktops if you are planning to update the image soon.
    Important: When you have finished updating the image and editing the assignment to use the updated image, you must confirm that all unassigned desktops have refreshed and are using the updated image before you proceed.
  2. Update the agent at the assignment level or at the individual-desktop level, as described in the corresponding topic, Update Agent Software on the Assignments Page for Dedicated VDI Desktop Assignments or Update Agent Software on Individual Desktops for Dedicated VDI Desktop Assignments.