When a gateway is initially configured on a Horizon Cloud pod in Microsoft Azure, its session timeout value is the default Unified Access Gateway value of 10 hours (36000000 milliseconds). Using the Edit Pod workflow, you can edit the pod's gateway configuration to customize that timeout value according to your own organization's needs.


The pod must already have the gateway configuration for which you want to customize the session timeout.


  1. From the pod's details page, open the Edit Pod window by clicking Edit.
  2. In the Edit Pod window, click Next to move to the Gateway Settings step.
    This step has a section for the external gateway configuration and a section for the internal gateway configuration. The user interface reflects the pod's current configuration and the gateway settings it already has.
  3. Locate the Session Timeout field for the gateway type for which you want to change it, either external or internal.
  4. In Session Timeout, type a new value.
    If the pod has another gateway type and you want to change its session timeout value, repeat this step for that other gateway.

    The timeout value can be a minimum of 5 minutes (300,000 milliseconds).

  5. Click Save & Exit.


The system updates the session timeout in the pod's gateway configuration according to the value you typed for that gateway configuration.