The Audit Logs tab displays the time, status, description, and user information logged for events that have occurred from administrator-initiated actions on your pods. The amount and types of event data reported on the Audit Logs tab might vary by pod type. The Horizon Cloud control plane retains event data for one year.

Screenshot of the Audit Logs screen

Audit Logs

  • To display the audit logs, do one of the following:
    • Select Monitor > Activity. On the Activity page, click the Audit Logs tab.
    • Select Settings > Capacity. On the Capacity page, click the name of the pod for which you want to view logs, and then click the Audit Logs tab.

    By default, the Audit Logs tab displays the logs for every pod-related event that transpired in the past 24 hours, in descending order of time with the most recent events listed first.

  • To sort the logs by ascending order of time, click the Time column header. To toggle back to descending order, click the header again.

    Using the Time column header to sort logs
  • To refresh the display of audit logs with the most recently reported events, click the Refresh (Refresh button on the Audit Logs tab) button.

Filtering Audit Logs

To customize the display of audit logs, you can adjust the settings for the Time Period filter. You can also apply additional filters to refine further the selection of logs that are displayed. Each filter has drop-down menus that let you define the operations and values used to narrow the selection of logs.

  • To customize the Time Period filter, select an operation and time value from the drop-down menus, and click Apply.
  • To specify an additional filter, click the plus sign (+) button. Using the drop-down menus, select the filter type, operation, and value for the filter. Then click Apply.

    The options available from the operation and value menus vary depending on the filter type. For example, if you select Severity for the filter type, Greater Than or Equal To for the operation, and Success for the value, the filter displays all the logs with the status "Success" or "Info."

    You can also apply more than one filter of the same type. For example, you can apply a Severity filter that shows logs with status Equal To the value Success. Then you can apply an additional Severity filter that shows logs with status Equal To the value Failure.

Downloading Audit Logs

Note: The download feature is only available to users who have Horizon Cloud Super Administrator privileges.

To download the current, filtered list of audit logs, click the Download (Download button on Audit Logs tab) button.

The downloaded logs reside in a CSV file and have the following properties:

  • The download file includes all the logs that fulfill the current filtering criteria, regardless of whether they are visible on the Audit Logs tab.

    For example, the current filter might return a total of 1000 logs spanning multiple pages of the Audit Logs tab. However, each page can only display 10 logs. The download file contains all 1000 logs from all the Audit Logs pages, not just the currently viewed page.

  • The download file always lists logs in descending order of time, regardless of the sort order specified on the Audit Logs tab. The sort order only applies to the display on the Audit Logs tab.
  • By default, the download file uses the name format AuditReport-<YYYY-MM-DDTHH_MIN_SEC.millisZ> (for example, "AuditEventReport-2019-08-14T11_16_32.096Z").