This article provides a list of the Horizon features that have limited or no support when you enable Universal Broker for your Horizon Cloud tenant environment.

Note: In addition to the feature limitations described in this article, there are some special considerations to keep in mind when using Universal Broker in your Horizon Cloud tenant environment. For more information, see Introduction to Universal Broker and Single-Pod Broker.

Virtual Resources

For the brokering of virtual resources, this release of Universal Broker only supports Windows operating systems. Linux-based desktops are not supported.

This release does not support administrator-created shortcuts to desktops and applications.

Horizon HTML Access and Horizon Client for Chrome

End users can make requests for resources to the Universal Broker service by running Horizon HTML Access in a supported web browser or by running Horizon Client for Chrome 5.4 or later. If the Universal Broker service redirects the request to a Unified Access Gateway instance that uses a self-signed certificate, the client application displays an error message indicating that the certificate authority is invalid.

This behavior is according to design. To connect to the requested resource, the user can accept the self-signed certificate by following the prompts in the certificate error message.

Authentication Methods

This release of Universal Broker supports client user authentication through Windows user name and password, in UPN and NETBIOS formats.

Two-factor authentication through Radius (for all cloud-connected pods) or RSA (for Horizon pods on a VMware SDDC-based platform only) is also supported.

The following user authentication and access methods are not supported:

  • Smart card
  • Certificate
  • SAML
  • Log in as the current user
  • Anonymous access

Remote Desktop Features

The following features are not supported in this release of Universal Broker:

  • URL content redirection
  • Session collaboration

Other Features

The following features are also not supported in this release of Universal Broker:

  • Kiosk mode
  • Smart policies that require the identification of a user's location (for example, policies that pertain specifically to internal or external users)
  • Timing profile (for troubleshooting user sessions )
  • OPSWAT-based endpoint compliance checks