Using the Horizon Universal Console, you can edit the assignments that are in your Horizon Cloud environment. Click Assignments to navigate to the appropriate page in which to locate the assignment you want to change. The specific properties you can change depends on the assignment type.
Important: Before editing an App Volumes assignment, confirm that all of your pods on Microsoft Azure are in a healthy state. Because App Volumes assignments are tenant-level resources, any changes you make are propagated to all pods, If any pods are unhealthy, this can lead to the assignment being in an error state.


  1. In the console, click Assignments.
  2. Select the page that corresponds to the type of assignment you want to change.
  3. Select the check box next to the assignment you want to edit and click Edit.
    The corresponding assignment type's wizard appears.
  4. Proceed through the wizard making your changes and click Submit.
    For instructions on filling in the fields in the wizard, see the documentation topic that describes how to create the type of assignment you are editing. Those topics are listed in Managing Assignments Provisioned By Horizon Cloud Pods in Microsoft Azure.