If you have multiple pods, to replicate a captured or imported application package from one pod to another, perform the following steps.


Identify a captured or imported application package to replicate.


  1. Obtain the filename of the application package to replicate.
    1. In the Horizon Universal Console, open the Applications page by selecting Inventory > Applications.
    2. To see the list of application packages, click the name of the application under which the package replicate is present.
    3. To copy the filename from the File Name textbox on the Applications page, click the application package name.
      Screenshot of the application details screen
  2. In the Microsoft Azure portal, copy the files (VHD and JSON) corresponding to the filename listed on the Applications page from the staging file share corresponding to the source pod under the cloudvolumes/packages folder.
  3. Upload the copied files into the destination pod’s staging file share under the cloudvolumes/packages folder.