In some situations, you might need or want to remove the Active Directory domain association from yourHorizon Cloud customer account. The administrative console labels this action Delete and you might hear people refer to it as resetting the Active Directory domain that's bound to the tenant environment. Immediately, or shortly after, your first pod is paired with your Horizon Cloud customer account, you register an Active Directory domain. When that registration process is complete, that domain is a cloud-configured domain for your overall Horizon Cloud customer account. All of the pods that you deploy from Horizon Cloud or connect to Horizon Cloud using the same customer account are also associated with that first cloud-configured Active Directory domain through the customer account record. All pods that share the same customer account record must have line-of-sight to the cloud-configured domains in that record.

Examples of situations where you might want to delete (also known as reset) the domain that is bound to the tenant are:

  • You deployed your initial pod in Microsoft Azure and started the domain-bind step. Then something went wrong and left the domain registration in an incomplete state. In this situation, some of the Active Directory domain information gets written to your customer account record in the cloud. However, because the information is incomplete, you find you cannot proceed to finish the domain registration using the console.
  • You ran a proof-of-concept by deploying a pod in Microsoft Azure, registering a test Active Directory domain, and ran many of the workflows. Then you deleted that pod to start fresh and create your production pod with your production domain. However, because the initial test Active Directory domain is still a cloud-configured domain in your customer account, the system expects to associate that test Active Directory domain with your new pods.
  • You ran the Horizon Cloud Connector's onboarding workflow for multiple Horizon pods using this Horizon Cloud customer record, before logging in to the administrative console to complete the Active Directory domain registration process. The Horizon Cloud Connector's onboarding workflow creates a partial configuration in Horizon Cloud of the Active Directory domains known to the Horizon pods' Connection Servers. That partial configuration is completed when you perform the initial Active Directory domain registration workflow in the console. Due to a known issue in this release, connecting multiple Horizon pods to Horizon Cloud prior to completing the domain registration workflow in the console can cause the registration workflow to fail. In this situation, you must undo the cloud pairing for all but one of those pods using the Unplug action in the connector's configuration portal and remove the partial Active Directory domain registration before attempting to register the domain.

The administrative console displays the buttons for removing the Active Directory domain information when the following conditions are true.

  • The Getting Started page shows that only one pod is deployed, or paired, in your environment or you have deleted all of your initial pods and no pods are visible on the Capacity page.
    Important: If you have deleted all of your initial pods and you had a True SSO configuration, the button for removing the Active Directory domain information is not enabled. Before you delete your last pod, ensure that you remove any True SSO configurations from the Active Directory page in the console so that the system will enable the Delete button for the Active Directory configuration.
  • If you have a pod in Microsoft Azure, that pod does not have any of the following items, such as:
    • Imported VMs
    • Published (sealed) images in that pod
    • Farms
    • VDI desktop assignments
    • Any True SSO configuration shown on the Active Directory page
    • Any identity management configuration shown on the Identity Management page
    • More than one Active Directory domain shown on the Active Directory page

The pod's details page will indicate whether the pod has any imported VMs, published images, farms, or VDI desktop assignments. You can navigate to the pod's details page from the console's Capacity page.


  • Perform one of the following steps in the console.
    • If you are resetting the domain because the domain-bind step or domain-join step of your first Active Directory domain registration workflow was not successfully completed, expand the General Setup section in the Getting Started page. In the Active Directory row, click Delete.
    • Otherwise, if the Settings menu is visible, you can navigate to the Active Directory page using Settings > Active Directory. Then click Delete.


The system logs you out and presents its initial login screen.

What to do next

Log back in as described in Log In to the Horizon Universal Console to Perform Management Tasks on Your Horizon Cloud Environment.