You can change the gateway configurations on a deployed pod in a variety of ways. You make these changes using the pod's details page in the Horizon Universal Console. The console is dynamic. It will only make available to you those actions that make sense to perform based on what gateway configuration already exists on the pod.

As described in the Deploy a Horizon Cloud Pod into Microsoft Azure documentation topics, the pod can be deployed an external or internal gateway configuration, or with both. The deployed pod can also have a two-factor authentication configuration set on neither, one, or both of its gateway configurations. You can change the following gateway-related items on a deployed pod from the pod's details page.

  • Add gateway configurations to the pod. If the pod has no gateway configuration, you can add one or both types. If the pod has one type of gateway, you can add the one that's missing.
  • Delete gateway configurations from the pod.
  • Edit an existing gateway configuration to add, change, or deactivate the two-factor authentication settings for that gateway.
  • Change a gateway configuration's Unified Access Gateway software settings.
Note: Currently, items that are related to the gateway deployment's specifications can be set only during deployment of that gateway configuration into your subscription environment. The console does not yet provide a way to use the Edit Pod workflow to update the gateway's deployment configuration, even though the Edit Pod workflow can be used to update the gateway's software configuration at any time. Examples of these items that cannot be changed using the Edit Pod workflow are the VM model used for the Unified Access Gateway instances, the network-related settings, and the Microsoft Azure resource tags for the gateway's resource groups. If you want to change an item that is related to an existing gateway's deployment configuration, you must first delete that existing gateway configuration from the pod and the use the Edit Pod workflow to re-deploy a gateway configuration for the pod using the new settings you want.