Horizon Cloud pods deployed in Microsoft Azure of manifest version 1101 or later automatically participate in the Horizon Cloud backup and restore service. Manifest version 1101 was first made available in the Horizon Cloud December 2018 release.

Note: If you do not want a pod to participate in the backup and restore service, please file a VMware support request (SR) to request deactivating the feature for that pod.


The service takes daily backups of the following items for each pod: the pod's manager virtual machine (VM), Unified Access Gateway settings, Network Security Groups (NSGs), and key vaults. No other resources are backed up. The system retains up to seven (7) backups. The backups are saved in your Microsoft Azure subscription in a separate resource group, which has a name in the pattern vmw-hcs-podID-recovery. The podID is the pod's ID identifier that is listed in the pod's details, accessed from the administrative console's Capacity page.

Your Microsoft Azure subscription incurs a disk storage cost for the retained backups. Each disk is approximately 32 GB, so when the maximum of seven backups is reached, the incurred cost consists of 7 times the 32 GB disk storage cost applicable in your subscription's Microsoft Azure region.

If the system fails to take a daily backup, you will see a notification in the console. The VMware team is also alerted when the system fails to take the backup and will attempt to remedy and get backups resumed without any action from you.


To have a pod restored to one of the last 7 restore points, you make the request by filing a VMware SR. The VMware support team will advise you about the procedures as part of providing this overall service. The system's recovery process can recover the pod to the configuration that the backups hold in the last 7 restore points. After the system's recovery process, the VMware team will assist you to get the pod closer to its latest working state. After the pod is restored, some settings and configurations in the restored environment will require your input and for you to perform some actions in the environment. The VMware team will work with you during the post-restore reconfiguration steps to complete the process.

Important: Because the backups are stored in a resource group in your Microsoft Azure subscription, if that resource group is lost, no restore is possible for the associated pod.

For pods of manifest 1600 and later, the pod architecture includes the Microsoft Azure Postgres database. This Microsoft Azure Postgres database is not backed up by the Horizon Cloud backup and restore service because the Microsoft Azure Postgres database is a Microsoft Azure managed service. If the pod's Microsoft Azure Postgres database is deleted, no restore is possible for that pod.