You can use the Sites tab on the Capacity page to configure sites for Universal Broker. A pod must be associated with a site before it can participate in multi-cloud assignments brokered by Universal Broker.

When you change a Horizon pod (based on Horizon Connection Server technology) from monitored to managed state, you are prompted to associate the pod with a new or existing site.

Horizon Cloud pods in Microsoft Azure are automatically added to a default site called Default-Site. Later, you can configure new sites and move pods from the Default-Site to a configured site.

The Sites tab on the Settings > Capacity page shows the list of configured sites in your Universal Broker environment and reports the number of pods associated with each site.

List of sites on Capacity page

Site-Level Actions Available on the Sites Tab

You can perform the following actions from the Sites tab.

Action Description
New Click New to create a site in your Universal Broker environment. Enter values for Name and Description, and click Save.

For example, enter San Francisco as the name of the site that corresponds to your data center situated in San Francisco. The newly created site is added to the Sites list.

Edit Select a site in the list and click Edit to modify the name and description of the site.
Delete The Delete action lets you remove a site permanently from your Universal Broker environment. Before you delete a site, clear the site of any associations with specific pods, users, or assignments:
Note: If you have any multi-cloud assignments that use the deleted site as a home site or home site override, Universal Broker will have problems routing connection requests to resources from these assignments.

To delete a site permanently, select a site in the list and click Delete.

Configuring the Site Association for a Pod

You can configure the site association for a pod by doing one of the following: