You can configure HTTP proxy settings during deployment of the Horizon Cloud Connector OVF template. If you want to modify these proxy settings after deployment, you must use the command. The command is located in the /opt/vmware/bin directory of the deployed Horizon Cloud Connector appliance.

Note: Observe the following guidelines with respect to proxy settings and appliance updates:
  • If you manually update Horizon Cloud Connector 1.6 or later to a newer version, you must reconfigure your proxy settings. Your original proxy configuration does not carry over with the manual appliance update.
  • If Horizon Cloud Connector 1.6 or later is automatically updated to a newer version, your proxy settings carry over with the automatic update. You do not need to reconfigure the proxy settings.
  • To view the existing proxy settings for the Horizon Cloud Connector virtual appliance, run the following command.
    cat /opt/container-data/cc-settings/proxy.conf

Syntax for Using

Use the following syntax to create a script with [argument1 [value1]] [argument2 [value2]] ...

To display the command usage and list of available arguments, run -h or --help.

Arguments for

All arguments are optional for the script.

Argument Description
--proxyHost Host name or IP address of the HTTP proxy server
--proxyPort Port number for the proxy connection
--noProxyFor Hosts or network range configured to bypass the HTTP proxy. Use commas to separate multiple values.
--proxySsl Specifies whether to use SSL for the proxy connection. Allowed values are true or false.
--proxyUsername User name for the HTTP proxy
--proxyPassword Password for the HTTP proxy
--implicitNonProxyHosts Specifies whether to add the paired pod's Connection Server and vCenter Server implicitly to the list of hosts that bypass the HTTP proxy. Allowed values are true or false. The default is true.

If your environment requires internal requests to the Connection Server and vCenter Server to route through the proxy, set this argument to false. In this case, only the hosts specified explicitly by --noProxyFor bypass the proxy.

Example Script --proxyHost PROXYEXAMPLE --proxyPort 80 --proxySsl=false 
   --noProxyFor ".AD-DOMAIN.EXAMPLE.COM,10.109.*" 

This example script configures the following proxy settings:

  • PROXYEXAMPLE is the proxy server.
  • The proxy connection uses port 80.
  • The proxy connection does not use SSL.
  • Hosts that fall under .AD-DOMAIN.EXAMPLE.COM and 10.109.* bypass the proxy.
  • Also, the paired pod's Connection Server and vCenter Server implicitly bypass the proxy by default.