The Horizon Cloud Administration Console's Capacity page displays the current state of those Horizon pods that are connected to your Horizon Cloud tenant under the State column. In this release, a cloud-connected Horizon pod can be in either monitored or managed state. Only when the pod is in managed state can you use that pod's resources in multi-cloud assignments (MCAs).

Monitored State

Monitored state is the default state of a pod after you first connect the pod to your Horizon Cloud environment. The following list describes the features available for a pod in monitored state:

Managed State

If a monitored pod meets certain requirements, you can change the pod's state to the managed state. See Horizon Cloud - Change a Cloud-Connected Horizon Pod to Managed State.

A managed pod offers all the features available for a monitored pod. In addition, you can create multi-cloud assignments that use resources from a managed pod, and manage those multi-cloud assignments using the Horizon Cloud Administration Console. For more information, see Managing Multi-Cloud Assignments in Your Horizon Cloud Tenant Environment.