This documentation page introduces the day-2 tasks typically performed on the Horizon Cloud Connector virtual appliance and provides links to the procedural pages for each task's steps.

For hyperlinks to the individual procedure pages, scroll to Links to the Procedures section at the bottom of this page.

Brief Introduction

The Horizon Cloud Connector configuration portal gives you access to perform a number of administrative and maintenance tasks on the Horizon Cloud Connector virtual appliance after it is successfully paired with the Horizon pod's Connection Server and the pod is connected to your first-generation tenant. Some of these tasks are performed using the configuration portal while some tasks require accessing the virtual appliance's operating system and updating configuration files on the appliance.

Typical Day-2 Tasks

Typical tasks include:

About Logins to the Horizon Cloud Connector Configuration Portal

For those tasks that can be performed using the Horizon Cloud Connector configuration portal, you log in to the portal with the VMware Customer Connect credentials valid for your first-gen tenant environment and perform the tasks from there. Point your browser to one of the following:

  • The Horizon Cloud Connector appliance's IP address, https://IP-address/
  • If you created a forward and reverse lookup record in your DNS server that maps a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) to the IP address, that FQDN
Note: If your first-gen tenant environment has a registered Active Directory domain, the system requires you to log in with valid Active Directory domain credentials after the initial sign-in step. See also About Authentication to a Horizon Cloud Tenant Environment.

Links to the Procedures

Use the following pages and their sub-pages to access the individual procedures and their steps.