The Licenses page provides information about your products licensed under the Horizon Universal License.

Information displayed for each license is described in the following table.
Field Description
SID Service Instance ID. This value is a unique identifier generated for each subscription. This value is also a hyperlink that you can use to open that SID's associated subscription list page located in My VMware. Clicking this hyperlink will display the login page for My VMware.
Total Seats Number of seats included in the license.
Billing Type of billing and total length of license. Billing types are:
  • Paid - There was one bill at the start of the license.
  • Monthly - There is one bill for each month of the license.
  • Trial - There is no bill because it is a trial license.
Type Type of license. These types include:
  • Horizon Apps Service Universal
  • Horizon Service Universal
  • Workspace ONE Apps Service Universal
  • Workspace ONE Service Universal
  • VMware Workspace ONE Assist for VMware Horizon
Classification License classifications are:
  • Named - This classification indicates that this license's total seat count covers usage based on end-user name. For named users, the system counts the number of unique end users that have accessed their virtual desktops and applications using this tenant. Even when a named user runs multiple single-user desktops, published desktops, or published applications, that user is still counted as a single user.
  • Concurrent - This classification indicates this license's total seat count covers usage based on concurrency. For concurrent users, the system counts single-user desktop connections per session. If a concurrent user runs multiple single-user desktops, each connected desktop session is counted separately.
Start Date Date that the license became active.