The Horizon subscription license, also known as the Horizon Universal License, relies on an operational communication chain between the Horizon pod deployment, Horizon Cloud Connector, and the Horizon Cloud license service. The license service syncs with the Horizon pod every 24 hours. You can use the Horizon Universal Console to monitor the status of your subscription licenses and troubleshoot any sync problems that might arise.

If one of the links in the license communication chain becomes nonoperational, the license sync fails and the Horizon pod enters a sync grace period. During this period, the subscription license remains valid and the pod stays operational to allow time for you to investigate and remediate the cause of the sync failure. If the failure persists until the end of the sync grace period, services to the pod are disrupted and the pod becomes nonoperational. End users will not be able to connect to remote desktops and applications on the pod when the sync grace period expires.

The specific length of this grace period has not been approved for publication in our product documentation. To enquire about the grace period in your specific tenant record, please open a support request.

To notify you in the event of a sync failure, alert messages appear in several different areas of the console, as described in the following sections.

Subscription License Status on the Dashboard Page

The Dashboard page reports sync errors for subscription licenses, as follows:

  • The interactive Global Footprint map indicates that a pod is experiencing license sync failures when you hover over the pod icon on the map.
  • The Issues tab lists any errors associated with a subscription license sync. Click the Read more link in the issue item to go directly to VMware Knowledge Base (KB) article 79509. This KB article provides detailed guidelines on troubleshooting common errors that can cause the license sync to fail.

The following screenshot shows an example of the Dashboard page reporting the status of a license sync failure.

Dashboard page showing pod with subscription license errors

Subscription License Health Status on the Capacity Page

You can view the status of a pod's subscription license on the pod's details page under Settings > Capacity.

  1. On the pod's details page, view the health status of the Horizon subscription license under Health > Other Components. The following example shows the health status for a license that is experiencing sync problems.

    Health status of a Horizon subscription license on the pod details page
  2. To view more details about a license sync failure, click the health status text.

    The console jumps to the Audit Logs page for the pod, with a filter automatically set to display the logs for license sync events over the past 30 days. The logs report the number of days that the license has been unavailable and the probable cause of the sync failure.

    The following example shows the log reports for a license that has failed to sync due to the offline condition of the Horizon pod.

    Audit Logs for a failed subscription license sync
  3. Perform the necessary actions to resolve the error causing the license sync to fail.

    For detailed guidelines on troubleshooting common errors, see VMware Knowledge Base (KB) article 79509.

Subscription License Alert Banner

After the first four days of the sync grace period have elapsed, an alert banner is displayed prominently at the top of the console window. As stated in the banner, you must resolve the license sync error before the sync grace period expires to avoid a service disruption.

The alert banner is color-coded according to the urgency level of the time remaining in the sync grace period.

Alert Banner Color Time Remaining in Sync Grace Period
Blue 21 to 15 days
Orange 14 to 8 days

7 to 1 day(s)

When the sync grace period expires, the red banner displays a message stating that there are 0 days left and services are now disrupted.

The following screenshot shows an example of how the alert banner appears for a license sync failure with a remaining sync grace period of 21 days.

Example alert banner for a failed license sync

You can perform the following actions from the alert banner:

  • If more than one pod is experiencing subscription license sync failures, scroll buttons appear at the left edge of the alert banner, as shown in the following example screenshot. Click the scroll buttons to view the alerts for all affected licenses.

    Example alert banner for multiple license sync failures
  • Click the View button in the banner to jump directly to the details page for the affected pod. If more than one pod is affected with the same sync grace period, the View button becomes a drop-down menu allowing you to select a pod. For information on the reports and actions available to you on the pod's details page, see the preceding section in this topic.