In Horizon Cloud, to provide access for your end users to use a remote application that is provisioned from RDSH farms located in your pods in Microsoft Azure, you create a remote applications assignment. In this release, remote applications originate from applications farms that are provisioned by your pods in Microsoft Azure.


Use the Applications page to verify that the remote applications you want to entitle to end users are available in your inventory. For an example, see Remote Applications - Importing from RDSH Farms that are Provisioned by Horizon Cloud Pods in Microsoft Azure.


  1. In the administrative console, click Assignments and navigate to the page for creating assignments of RDSH-based applications — also called remote applications — provisioned from your pods in Microsoft Azure.
    Tip: The console is dynamic and reflects the workflows and settings that are appropriate for the up-to-the-moment situation in your Horizon Cloud tenant environment. The labels displayed for the console's assignment-related pages will vary depending on factors such as the tenant's configured brokering setting, the types of cloud-connected pods in your fleet, the tenant's regional cloud plane, and features that are based on specific licensing.
  2. On that page, click New.
  3. From the New Assignment start screen, click the Applications icon.

    New Assignment start screen with arrow pointing to Applications icon

  4. On the wizard's Definition step, select the location and pod, provide a name for this assignment, and then click Next.
  5. On the Applications step, select the remote applications and click Next.
    Note: The displayed applications are all of the ones that were imported into your Horizon Cloud applications catalog from the farms in the same Horizon Cloud pod. You can have applications from different farms in the same pod within the assignment.

    New Application Assignment wizard at step 2 with applications selected

  6. On the Users step, search for and select the users and groups for this assignment and click Next.
  7. On the Summary step, review the information and then click Submit.


The system creates the assignment and lists it on the Assignments page.