You can integrate your Horizon Cloud tenant environment with Workspace ONE. The True SSO feature is an optional feature that is used with a Workspace ONE Access tenant to allow your end users to single sign-on to their virtual Windows desktops and applications served from your Horizon Cloud environment.

Workspace ONE and Horizon Cloud

The integration method you use for your Horizon Cloud environment depends on whether the tenant environment is configured to use Universal Broker or single-pod broker.

To verify which broker type is configured for the tenant, in the Horizon Universal Console, navigate to Settings > Broker. The Broker page will indicate whether the tenant has anything using the single-pod broker.

After that verification, follow the integration steps within the linked pages below that are specific for that broker type. See the links in the following list and take the one that matches your broker type.

True SSO and Horizon Cloud

Integrating your Horizon Cloud environment with VMware Workspace ONE is a prerequisite to using the True SSO feature. When your Horizon Cloud environment has True SSO configured, your end users authenticate by logging into the URL related to your Workspace ONE environment. After that authentication, those end users are able to launch their entitled desktops or applications without a prompt for Active Directory credentials.

Important: The True SSO configuration is a tenant-wide type of configuration. The True SSO configuration will apply across all of your pod fleet's Horizon Cloud pods in Microsoft Azure. As a result, after you have successfully configured True SSO in your Horizon Cloud tenant for the first time, and then you later subsequently deploy additional Horizon Cloud pods into your Microsoft Azure subscriptions using the automated pod-deployment wizard, the system will send the same True SSO configuration to all of those pods and attempt to validate the same True SSO configuration against those pods.