When you create a farm based on a Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session operating system VM and you want your end users to be able to use Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications that the operating system provides, you must enable a specific Horizon Agent policy that is inactive by default. The Horizon Agent's default policy settings do not permit launch of UWP applications. As a result, you must take some steps to enable the Horizon-agent-related Group Policy Setting named Enable UWP support on RDSH platforms so that your end users can use those UWP applications.

For a description about the required setting and the Horizon ADMX template that contains it, search for Enable UWP support on RDSH platforms within the Horizon Remote Desktop Features and GPOs guide located at VMware Horizon Documentation.

The corresponding Horizon Agent policy within the farm VMs is inactive by default. Therefore, you must enable it to permit your end users to use the UWP applications provisioned from those farm VMs — either in session-based desktops or remote applications.

Unless that agent policy is enabled, the UWP application status shows as Unavailable to the Horizon Agent installed in the RDSH VM, and as a result, an end user would not be able to access that UWP application.

Important: After enabling the policy, you must force the GPO setting to the farm's existing RDSH VMs and you must restart the VMware Horizon View Agent service ( wsnm.exe) in those RDSH VMs or restart the RDSH VM to make the GPO take effect.

The Horizon Agent Configuration ADMX template file (named vdm_agent.admx) contains this policy setting in its Unity Touch and Hosted Apps folder (VMware View Agent Configuration > Unity Touch and Hosted Apps. One way to configure the required policy setting to the farm's RDSH VMs is to use that ADMX template file in your Active Directory server to add the Unity Touch and Hosted Apps folder to your Active Directory server's Group Policy Management Editor. When the folder is present there, then you can enable the UWP support for the VMs using a GPO in your Active Directory system on the farm's target OU by following the sample steps below.


In your Active Directory server, create a named GPO that you'll use to apply the UWP group policy setting to the RDSH VMs. The Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) is typically launched by Start > Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management. Link the GPO you create to the OU in which those RDSH VMs will exist. This OU is the one specified in the Create Farm page when you create the farm that will have provision those RDSH VMs. If you do not specify an OU in the Create Farm page, the default OU used is the one you specify when you register the Active Directory server with Horizon Cloud, in the Active Directory registration workflow.

Remember: Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that the farm RDSH VMs have the required agent policy enabled if you want your end users to launch the UWP applications. The steps here are an example of one way in which you can enable the required policy on the RDSH VMs. You might choose to adopt a different method that provides you the same result. That would be your choice.


  1. Download the Horizon GPO Bundle from VMware Customer Connect at Download VMware Horizon Service.

    From that URL, navigate into the Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure downloads location. In that page, you will see a list of downloadable items. Locate the entry named Horizon GPO Bundle and download its ZIP file. All of the ADMX files that provide group policy settings for Horizon-related components are in this file.

  2. Unzip the ZIP file and copy the following files to the indicated locations:
    • Copy the vdm_agent.admx file to your Active Directory server, to the %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions location.
    • Copy the vmd_agent.adml language resource file for the locale you want (such as en-US/vmd_agent.adml) file to your Active Directory server, to the %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions\<locale> location where <locale> matches the locale of the ADML file you are copying.
  3. On the Active Directory server, open Group Policy Management and select to edit the GPO that you created for applying the UWP group policy settings.
  4. In the Group Policy Management Editor, expand the Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > VMware View Agent Configuration > Unity Touch and Hosted Apps.
  5. In that Unity Touch and Hosted Apps folder, locate the Enable UWP support on RDSH platforms and edit it to set it to Enabled.
  6. Link that GPO with the OU in which the farm's RDSH VMs are created.
    Remember: When you link the GPO with the OU in which the farm's VMs are created, the UWP policy that you set in that GPO using the steps above is applied to all of the VMs in that OU. That is standard GPO behavior.
  7. Force the GPO setting to the farm's RDSH VMs.
  8. Restart the VMware Horizon View Agent service (wsnm.exe) in those RDSH VMs.