This topic describes known limitations for App Volumes functionality in Horizon Cloud.

  • If you delete an App Volumes assignment on the Assignments page (Assignments > Desktops & Apps or Assignments > RDSH Desktops & Apps), you must delete any existing application packages that are still in the ‘New’ stage on the application detail page for the application before you can create a new application package using Inventory > Applications > New > Create.
  • Application packages available in one pod are not automatically replicated to other pods. You must import them manually into other pods for them to be available in those pods. For instructions, see Add an App Volumes Application by Importing an Existing App Package.
  • When using the Power Management feature in Horizon Cloud pods on Microsoft Azure, App Volumes must be used in High Availability (HA) mode only. Power management must be configured so that it powers on VMs in batches of up to 500 instead of all at once. Turning on more than 500 VMs at the same time can impact the communication between App Volumes agent and the App Volumes Manager service. There a Knowledge Base article to be published shortly on this topic.