You can administer a cloud-connected Horizon pod by running Horizon Console for that pod's Horizon Connection Server. When launched from Horizon Universal Console, Horizon Console runs as an integrated cloud service from the Horizon Control Plane services, with support for single sign-on (SSO) authentication.

You can run Horizon Console for a specific Horizon pod's Connection Server from either the pod details page or the Dashboard page. Horizon Console opens in a new browser tab using the SSO credentials from your Horizon Universal Console login session. No additional credentials are required.

You can use Horizon Console as a cloud service to access all the same pod administration features when running Horizon Console natively, except for the following:

For detailed information about using Horizon Console, see the VMware Horizon Documentation.

Note: If the Horizon pod does not meet the requirements for running Horizon Console as a cloud service, the native instance of Horizon Console opens instead without SSO authentication, but only when the pod's Connection Server is accessible to public networks. If that is your situation, you'll see a new browser tab opens with the native Horizon Console page prompting you to log in to the pod's Connection Server. However, in the case where the Connection Server is not publicly accessible (such as behind a firewall), the browser tab opens instead with a connection error. In such cases, you must run Horizon Console directly from the Connection Server endpoint.


To run Horizon Console from the Horizon Control Plane, you must be logged in to Horizon Universal Console with the Super Administrator role.

In addition, verify that Horizon Connection Server version and Horizon Cloud Connector version are one of the currently supported combinations. As of December 2022, it is recommended using Horizon Cloud Connector version 2.1.2 or later for your cloud-connected Horizon pods.


  • Run Horizon Console from the pod details page.
    1. In the Horizon Universal Console, select Settings > Capacity.
    2. In the list of pods on the Capacity page, click the name of the Horizon pod that you want to administer.
    3. In the pod details page, click Launch Horizon Console.
  • Run Horizon Console from the Dashboard page.
    1. In the Horizon Universal Console, select Monitor > Dashboard.
    2. On the Overview tab of the Dashboard page, under the Issues or Session view, click the name of the Horizon pod that you want to administer.

What to do next

If you log out from Horizon Console as a cloud service, you are redirected to the login screen for the Horizon Universal Console.