Horizon Universal Broker is the cloud-based brokering technology used to manage and allocate virtual resources from multi-cloud assignments to your end users.

Architecture diagram of Horizon Universal Broker system components

Horizon Universal Broker, the latest cloud-based brokering technology from VMware, provides the following key features:

  • Single connection FQDN for all multi-cloud assignments

    End users can access multi-cloud assignments in your environment by connecting to a fully qualified domain name (FQDN), which you define in the Horizon Universal Broker configuration settings. Through the single Horizon Universal Broker FQDN, users can access assignments from any participating Horizon 7 pod in any site in your environment. No internal networking between your pods is required.

    Diagram of single FQDN connection for Horizon Universal Broker
  • Global pod connectivity and awareness for optimal performance

    Horizon Universal Broker maintains direct connectivity with every pod participating in multi-cloud assignments and stays aware of the availability status of each pod. As a result, Horizon Universal Broker can manage connection requests and deliver virtual resources to end users directly from these pods. There is no need for global server load balancing (GSLB) or any interpod network communication that can cause reduced performance and latency issues.

  • Smart brokering

    By maintaining an awareness of your geographical sites and pod topology, Horizon Universal Broker can deliver desktops from multi-cloud assignments to end users along the shortest network route.