You can delete assignments if they are no longer needed. In the Horizon Universal Console, locate the assignment you want to delete by clicking Assignments and using the displayed choices to navigate to the applicable assignments page where that assignment is listed. Then delete that assignment using the Remove action or Delete action, depending on which action is available in that particular assignments page. The Delete action is typically located under the More menu (More > Delete).

The specific steps for deleting an assignment from your environment vary depending on the assignment type. The table below describes the steps you take on the assignment when you have already navigated to the applicable console page on which that assignment is listed.

Tip: The console is dynamic and reflects the workflows and settings that are appropriate for the up-to-the-moment situation in your Horizon Cloud tenant environment. The labels displayed for the console's assignment-related pages will vary depending on factors such as the tenant's configured brokering setting, the types of cloud-connected pods in your fleet, the tenant's regional cloud plane, and features that are based on specific licensing.
Assignment Type Details
Floating VDI desktop assignment Select the assignment and click More > Delete. When you confirm the deletion, the system starts deleting the desktop VMs.

You can use the Activity page to monitor the deletion process. As the system deletes the desktop VMs, it marks all of the VMs as not brokerable, which prevents new end user connections during the deletion process. For any desktop VMs that have existing end user connections, the console will display a warning to you that those sessions will be terminated. The connected end users will not get a warning in their desktops.

Note: Do not manually delete desktop VMs in a floating VDI desktop assignment from the assignments Desktops tab. When you manually delete a desktop VM from a floating VDI desktop assignment, the system's power management feature automatically creates a new desktop VM to take the place of the deleted one. To remove desktop VMs from a floating VDI desktop assignment, always edit the Min Desktops and Max Desktops values.
Dedicated VDI desktop assignment To delete a dedicated VDI desktop assignment:
  1. Take the assignment offline, using the Take Offline button on the Assignments page. Taking the assignment offline prevents the system's power management feature from attempting to automatically create new desktop VMs as you delete instances during the next step.
  2. Delete all of the assignment's desktop VMs. Navigate into the assignment's details page, click the Desktops tab, select all of the desktop VMs, click More > Delete, select Yes under the Reduce assignment size section in the dialog, and confirm the deletion.
    Note: A desktop VM with a logged-in user session cannot be deleted. Use the Log Off action and then delete the desktop VM.
  3. Use the Activity page to monitor the deletion process and determine when all of the desktop VMs are deleted and all tasks are finished. Do not rely on the console page displaying the assignment's size as zero, because even though all of the desktop VMs might be zero, additional tasks to fully update the system's records might still be running. Those running tasks will prevent you from deleting the assignment from the console page until all of those tasks are done. Deleting all of the desktops can take a long time depending on how many there are.
  4. When all of the desktop VMs are deleted and the assignment's capacity is reported as zero, then you can delete the assignment by selecting it and clicking More > Delete.
Session desktop assignment Select the assignment and click More > Delete. Because session desktop assignments are for entitling users to connect to the RDSH VMs in a farm, no VMs are actually deleted when you delete this assignment type. The assignment record is removed from the system.
  • App Volumes applications assignment
  • Remote applications assignment
  • URL redirection customization assignment
Select the assignment and use the Remove or Delete action, depending on which one the console provides for that assignments-listing page.