Availability of user card and reports information depends on whether you have Cloud Monitoring Service (CMS) enabled in your Horizon Cloud tenant and which options you selected when installing software using the Horizon Agents Installer (HAI).

To display historical session data, you should enable CMS and install the vRealize Operations Desktop Agent in HAI. To show live session data, you should also install the Help Desk Plugin in HAI.

Note: The RDP protocol provides for a limited set of metrics when compared with the other protocols supported in Horizon Cloud. The vRealize Operations Desktop Agent will return data for those metrics that the RDP protocol provides.
  • Historical session data refers to:
    • Session information for logged off sessions over the previous seven days.
    • Performance trend data (CPU, memory, latency, disk trend) for active, idle, and disconnected sessions over the previous 15 minutes.
  • When live session data does not appear, you still see VM relative information and log in time breakdowns, but do not see:
    • Client information.
    • User experience information.
    • Real-time performance trends.
    • Process/Application information.
Note: If you have cloud-connected Horizon pods that are sending desktop data to vRealize Operations Manager, enabling CMS causes data to be sent to the Cloud Monitoring Service instead. To continue using vRealize Operations Manager to collect that desktop session data, deactivate CMS.