Use Monitor to navigate to various dashboards, displays, and reports. You can explore details about usage of your environment, the administrator and user activity in the environment, see system notifications, and view various reports.

Click Monitor to navigate to these pages.

Option Description
Dashboard Displays information about your overall environment: pod health status, capacity and utilization levels, end-user activity, and more.
Activity Provides activity details for administrators and end users, and audit logs.
Reports Provides access to various reports related to end users' desktop and application sessions.
Note: If you have deactivated the monitoring of user-session information for utilization, trending, and historical analysis, the associated data reports are deactivated and not visible on the Reports page. When that monitoring feature is deactivated, the system collects such user session information for a limited period of time and hashes the user name to enable real-time administration while deactivating historical and aggregated viewing of that user information. As a result, the reports that usually display historical and aggregated viewing of that data, such as the Session History report, are not available. For information on how to enable the monitoring of user-session information, see the monitoring section of Customizable General Settings for Your Horizon Cloud Tenant Environment.
Notifications Lists notifications, which provide information about the system, such as important events.