You use the Getting Started wizard to perform the configuration steps that are needed before you can fully manage and use the environment, such as registering an Active Directory domain. The Getting Started wizard displays by default when you log in to the Horizon Universal Console for the first time. After you have finished registering one Active Directory domain and given the Horizon Cloud Super Administrators role to an Active Directory group in that domain, then you have access to the console's left hand navigation bar for performing administration tasks in your environment. Also at that point in time, you can switch the toggle at the bottom of the Getting Started page to stop using the Getting Started as the default console home page and use the Dashboard page as your default home page instead.

Note: Terms used here:
  • A Horizon Cloud pod is built on pod-manager technology from VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure.
  • A Horizon pod is built on Connection Server technology from VMware Horizon.

The Getting Started wizard provides a high-level overview of the work that you have done, and what is still to do. You can access the wizard from Settings > Getting Started.

Note: To ensure that you completed all tasks required to run and manage the environment, review the steps in the following topics, depending on what type of pod was the one that you first deployed into your environment. You cannot perform certain tasks from the Getting Started wizard, such as uploading certificates.
Table 1. Getting Started Wizard Sections
Section Description
Tip: If you meet the license and role requirements, the View perpetual keys link is available to you. Click the View perpetual keys link to access the Perpetual Keys page where you can view and generate perpetual keys for foundational VMware products. After your first pod is onboarded and domain registration is completed, the link is available on both the Licenses page and the Getting Started page, if you meet the license and role requirements. See First-Gen Tenants - Obtaining License Information Using the Horizon Universal Console.

When your tenant's pod fleet has zero pods, from this section. you can:

  • Use Manage > Add Pod launch the automated pod deployment wizard that is used for Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure deployments.
  • Use the Add button to learn about connecting Horizon pod deployments using the Horizon Cloud Connector and link to download the Horizon Cloud Connector appliance.
  • The wizard from the Manage menu cannot be used for deployments that involve Microsoft Azure VMware Solution. Such pods fall into the VMware SDDC category, which uses the Add button and the route of downloading the Horizon Cloud Connector.
  • After you click Add, a window displays that describes two methods of adding a Horizon pod on VMware Cloud on AWS. However in the current release, only the Download method is fully supported.

After your tenant's pod fleet has at least one pod, this section provides:

  • A high-level overview of your environment's pod fleet.
  • The Manage menu, used to edit, add, and delete subscription information and to delete pod-manager-based Horizon pods on Microsoft Azure.
General Setup Provides details and links for the initial configuration of various tenant-wide settings, such as registering an Active Directory domain. See General Setup Section of the Horizon Universal Console's Getting Started Wizard.
Desktop Assignment
Application Assignment
Note: In this release, this section is not displayed when your pod fleet consists solely of Horizon pod.

When your pod fleet has at least one Horizon Cloud pod, this section provides links to task pages related to applications and application assignments. See Applications in Your Horizon Cloud Inventory and its subtopics.

When you have completed the required steps of registering at least one Active Directory domain and given the Super Administrator role to at least one of your Active Directory user groups, displaying the wizard is optional. To toggle having the wizard appear every time you log in to the console, move the slider at the bottom of the wizard's main page to Yes.

Note: Even though the wizard's primary use occurs during your first time setting up a pod and most people toggle off the wizard after that, some people find the wizard might be a convenient launching point when performing some of the standard tasks.