When you create a farm or a VDI desktop assignment using the Horizon Universal Console, you can use the Computer OU field to optionally specify an Active Directory organizational unit (OU) where the farm's VMs or the VDI desktop VMs are to be located. You can use these steps to locate the nested OU information for your organization to use in the Computer OU field.

Note: Microsoft limits an individual OU to 64 characters or less. An OU path that is longer than 64 characters, but with no individual OU having more than 64 characters, is valid. However, each individual OU must be 64 characters or less.

As a result, in the console's Active Directory page's Default OU field and the farm and VDI desktop assignments' Computer OU fields, you can enter OUs that are up to 64-characters long, not counting the OU= portion of your entry.

Use these steps to locate the nested OU information in your organization's Active Directory domain server.


  1. From your Active Directory machine, open Active Directory Users and Computers.
  2. Select View > Advanced features (Enabled Advanced features).
  3. Navigate to the Organizational Unit where the desktops will be placed.
  4. Right-click and select Properties.
  5. Click the Attribute editor and select distinguishedName.
  6. Click View.
  7. Enter the distinguished name information in the Computer OU field in the console.
    Only the OU= part of the string is required. The DC= part is optional.