This article is a brief introduction to the brokering type known as single-pod broker.

The single-pod brokering type is also known as legacy or classic brokering, because it was the original and only type of brokering available for Horizon Cloud pods when they first debuted. The latest, more advanced brokering technology is Universal Broker. Tenants that are configured to use single-pod brokering can transition to use Universal Broker. See Understanding the Transition Process from Single-Pod Broker to Universal Broker.

As of the v2111 service release, use of single-pod brokering is not available to greenfield customer tenant environments. In this context, greenfield means a tenant environment in which the console's enablement procedure was never previously initiated within the console's Broker page for the tenant's Horizon Cloud pods.

Single-Pod Brokering and End-User Assignments

When the tenant is configured to use single-pod brokering, the following types of per-pod assignments are possible from your Horizon Cloud pods.

  • A VDI desktop assignment consisting of virtual desktops from a single Horizon Cloud pod
  • A session desktop assignment consisting of session-based desktops from Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) hosts within a single Horizon Cloud pod
  • A remote applications assignment consisting of applications provisioned by RDS hosts within Horizon Cloud pods
  • An App Volumes applications assignment consisting of App Volumes applications hosted on VDI desktops within Horizon Cloud pods