After your customer account has its first cloud-connected pod and you have fully registered the Active Directory domain, you can deploy additional pods and work with your pod fleet using the Horizon Universal Console. For pods deployed in Microsoft Azure, you can perform tasks to manage them, such as monitoring their capacity limits and updating their stored subscription information or deleting unused stored subscription information, as needed. You can also edit a pod to change its settings, including its gateway configuration settings.

You primarily use the Capacity page to work with your pods, as well as the pods' individual detail pages. You navigate to a pod's details page from the Capacity page. For details about the Capacity page, see First-Gen Tenants - Managing Your Cloud-Connected Pods, for All First-Gen Horizon Cloud Supported Pod Types.

In addition to the Capacity page, you can use the Dashboard page to get a snapshot view of the health, allocated capacity and utilization, and user activity for your entire set of pods. See First-Gen Tenants - Horizon Cloud Dashboard - Health Visibility and Insights into Your Pod Fleet and Tenant Environment.