To delete a gateway configuration from a Horizon Cloud pod deployed in Microsoft Azure, use the Delete action in the pod's details page. As an example, after the pod is deployed, you might decide you want to set up that gateway type all over again with a new configuration. For that scenario, you first delete the existing gateway configuration from the pod and then edit the pod to set up the gateway again.

  • Deleting the gateway configuration will immediately end all the user sessions that are connected to that gateway.
  • Deleting the gateway is an irreversible action. You cannot recover the specific deleted gateway configuration. You can later edit the pod to add a new gateway configuration in place of the deleted one.

A Horizon Cloud pod might have an external gateway configuration or an internal one, or both. You choose the specific type to delete from the Delete action. If you want to delete both gateway configurations from the pod, you must delete each one at a time.

Important: During the time the system is changing the pod's configuration until it is finished, the following limitations apply:
  • You cannot perform administration tasks on the pod. As an example, the Edit button in the pod's details page will become unavailable until the changes to the pod are completed.
  • End users who do not have connected sessions to their desktops or remote applications served by the pod and who attempt to connect cannot do so.
  • End users who have connected sessions served by a gateway on the pod that you are not deleting will have those active sessions disconnected. No data loss will occur. After the configuration changes are complete, those users can reconnect using that remaining gateway.
Tip: The console is dynamic. It will only make available in the user interface those workflows and toggles and fields that make sense and are appropriate based on the current configuration of the pod and the configuration of your overall environment.


  1. In the console, navigate to the Capacity page and click on the pod to open its details page.
  2. Click the appropriate action for the gateway type you want to delete from the pod.
    • Delete > External UAG, to delete the pod's external gateway configuration.
    • Delete > Internal UAG, to delete the pod's internal gateway configuration.
  3. Confirm the deletion.


The system begins the process of deleting the gateway's resources in Microsoft Azure.

Note: If you delete an external Unified Access Gateway configuration that was deployed into a resource group that you created, when the deletion process is completed, some non-pod artifacts might remain, such as the storage account for diagnostic logs and two images from which the Horizon Cloud deployer originally created the Connector VM and Unified Access Gateway VMs. If you want to, you can manually delete those artifacts after the deletion process is completed.