You use the topics in this guide when you are starting your journey with VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ from the very beginning. At the start of this journey, your Horizon Cloud tenant environment starts fresh, without any cloud-connected pods. The first step is to onboard a pod into that fresh environment. That pod will be your very first cloud-connected pod. The topics that follow this one describe how you get that first cloud-connected pod of any one of the pod types currently available for Horizon Cloud.

For a high-level description of the process of obtaining a Horizon Cloud tenant environment and how it relates to onboarding a pod, see Onboarding to Horizon Cloud for Microsoft Azure, Horizon 7 On-Premises, and Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS.

The following screenshot is a representative example of what a brand new fresh Horizon Cloud environment looks like when you log in to your account for the first time.

Screenshot of your Horizon Cloud environment before it gets its first cloud-connected pod

That first-time screen is oriented around the idea of adding capacity. You can think of adding capacity here as equivalent to deploying pods in various capacity environments and connecting those pods to your overall Horizon Cloud environment.

What the on-screen text says How that text relates to your first cloud-connected pod
Learn how to add On-Premises capacity... Adding on-premises capacity from this point in time makes your first cloud-connected pod an existing Horizon 7 pod that you have on premises or that you manually configured in VMware Cloud on AWS. If you are interested in this type for your first cloud-connected pod, read how best to proceed from the topic High-Level Workflow When You are Onboarding an Existing Manually Deployed Horizon 7 Pod as Your First Pod to Your Horizon Cloud Tenant Environment.
Add Cloud Capacity ... Microsoft Azure Cloud Adding Microsoft Azure cloud capacity from this point in time results in a wizard-driven, automatic deployment of a pod into Microsoft Azure. When that process is completed, that pod is your first cloud-connected pod. If you are interested in this type for your first cloud-connected pod, learn how to proceed from the topic When You Choose Microsoft Azure Cloud Capacity for Your Very First Pod Deployment and its subtopics.

After your first pod is onboarded to your tenant environment, you then use the companion Horizon Cloud Administration Guide to read about how to complete the Active Directory domain registration workflow with that first cloud-connected pod. After the domain registration is completed, you continue using that companion Horizon Cloud Administration Guide to learn about all of the workflows you can do with Horizon Cloud, including adding additional pods. In that guide, begin with the Introduction to Horizon Cloud topic, the Getting Started Using Your Horizon Cloud Environment, and their subtopics.