When deploying your very first pod into Microsoft Azure, you start the pod deployment wizard using the Add Cloud Capacity feature on the Horizon Cloud Administration Console's Getting Started page.

Note: Login authentication into the Horizon Cloud Administration Console relies on My VMware account credentials. If the My VMware account system is experiencing a system outage and cannot take authentication requests, you will not be able to log in to the Administration Console during that time period. If you encounter issues logging in to the Administration Console's first login screen, check the Horizon Cloud System Status page at https://status.horizon.vmware.com to see the latest system status. On that page, you can also subscribe to receive updates.


Verify that you have met the prerequisites described in Prerequisites for Running the Pod Deployment Wizard.


  1. Log in to the Horizon Cloud Administration Console at https://cloud.horizon.vmware.com using your My VMware account's credentials.
    The account credentials are the primary email address, such as user@example.com, and the password that are set in the account's profile.
    Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure: Screenshot of the My VMware account login screen for the initial login

    If you have not previously accepted the Horizon Cloud terms of service using those My VMware credentials, a terms of service notification box appears after you click the Login button. Accept the terms of service to continue.
    After signing in, the Horizon Cloud Administration Console opens. When you have no existing pods, the Getting Started wizard is displayed by default with the Capacity section expanded and the Add Cloud Capacity row.
    Horizon Cloud Service: Initial Getting Started screen.

  2. In the Add Cloud Capacity row, click Add.
    A selection window appears where you can select the cloud into which to deploy this pod.
    Screenshot of the selection window to select which cloud into which to deploy this pod.

  3. Click Select for the Microsoft Azure cloud.
    The Add Cloud Capacity wizard opens to its first step.
    Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure: Screenshot of the Add Cloud Capacity wizard's first step

  4. Specify the subscription to use for this pod by following the steps in Specify the Microsoft Azure Subscription Information for the New Pod.