Use these steps if you want to use a Secure Shell (SSH) connection with the deployed Horizon Cloud Connector appliance prior to running the onboarding wizard to pair the Horizon Cloud Connector with the pod.


Verify that the Horizon Cloud Connector appliance is successfully deployed into your pod's environment as described in the subtopics under Download and Deploy the Horizon Cloud Connector into Your Pod's Environment, but not yet paired with the Connection Server.

Procedure for Horizon pods on premises or in VMware Cloud on AWS

  1. Use vSphere Web Client to launch the console for the deployed appliance and log in to the appliance using the root account and the password you set when you deployed the OVA into vSphere.
  2. In the appliance's operating system, enable SSH access by running the following command.
    /opt/vmware/bin/ --sshEnable

SSH access to the appliance is enabled.

To deactivate SSH access, use the following command:

/opt/vmware/bin/ --sshDisable

Procedure for Horizon pods in Azure VMware Solution

  1. In the Azure portal, navigate to the Horizon Cloud Connector VM. Start the Run command action and choose RunPowerShellScript.
  2. Enable SSH access by running the following command.
    /opt/vmware/bin/ --url= --sshEnable --sleep=10

    SSH access to the appliance is enabled.

  3. If you deployed Horizon Cloud Connector 1.7 and want to use SSH public key authentication, run the following additional command.
    chmod 744 /home/ccadmin

What to do next

Proceed to Verify the Horizon Pod and Virtual Appliance Are Ready to Be Paired. Then continue to Complete Pairing the Horizon Pod with Horizon Cloud Using the Horizon Cloud Connector Configuration Portal. When pairing is successfully completed, the Horizon Cloud Connector web-based configuration portal will provide a toggle that you can use to deactivate SSH access for the appliance, or re-enable SSH if it was previously deactivated.