The following considerations, limitations and issues have been identified for the Windows 11 Guest operating system.


  • Pod must be running the manifest from v2204 release or later.
  • Golden images must be running Horizon Agent Installer v22.1.0 or later.
  • Support matrix for Gen 1/Gen 2 and Windows 10/Windows 11.
    Azure VM Model Windows 10 Windows 11
    Gen 1 VM Supported Unsupported
    Gen 2 VM Unsupported Supported


  • The console-based App Volumes app capture workflow is currently unsupported. To use App Volumes on Azure with Windows 11 VDI desktops, run the console-based capture workflow using a Windows 10 golden image to capture the apps. Then assign those apps to users to use with a Windows 11-based desktops.
  • Manual import of a Windows 11 image requires importing from Azure Marketplace as the direct source. Importing from any other sources such as Shared Image Gallery (SIG), Azure Managed Images, Azure VM snapshot, and the like are currently unsupported.
  • vTPM is currently unsupported.
  • Use of Windows 11 with VMs running AMD drivers is currently unsupported.

Known Issues

  • When time zone redirection is enabled using GPO, flickering desktop and explorer process crashing occurs. See KB 88086 for details.

    Avoid the known issue by not enabling time zone sync GPO for Windows 11 multi-session VMs.